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At Breadboard Labs we are focused on developing creative and people-centred solutions that deliver a positive social impact. In particular we aim to build tools that help people understand and appreciate the world around them and take an active part in the effort to protect their environment.


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Current Work


The importance of trees, in the environmental benefits they bring as well as the sense of wellbeing and enjoyment they give to people, motivated us to find a way in which to improve tree care, increase new plantings and raise the awareness of the vital roles that trees play. Curio is a web and mobile based service that supports individuals and communities in learning from and sharing information on the trees around them so that they can discover new things whilst making positive contributions to the environment of their local and wider areas. Through this sharing of localised wisdom at a global scale, with mapping and information storage, the presence and effects of trees can be appreciated in terms of both the environmental benefits that they bring as well as the unique character they give to an area.

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A quick 60 second intro video to the service can be seen here


Alongside the Curio service, we are delighted to be working with ESA (European Space Agency) on a demonstration project to integrate satellite based technologies that will be used to improve the ways in which the service operates. By using high-resolution satellite imagery, we will be able to provide better guidance to service users on the location and condition of trees and the extent of tree canopy. Further details of the project can be viewed here.

This project follows a feasibility study that was completed in December 2015, details of which can be viewed here.